Construction and reform of schools

Construction and reform of schools

Roof repair, reform of the changing rooms, refurbishment of facade, reform of toilet, etc.

Reform of schools

One of the areas of work that we have been developing in recent years is that of educational facilities and equipment. Without a doubt, our experience in building and reforming nurseries, schools and colleges has entitled us to call ourselves specialists is in carrying out work within nurseries, schools and colleges.

General reform work is performed in schools and colleges, ensuring that accessibility regulations relating to students with reduced mobility are adhered to. Roofs of older schools containing Uralita (fibre cement) are removed and replaced under careful and comprehensive management of this highly hazardous waste. Energy efficiency in old buildings is improved through replacing carpentry and exterior glass, as well as upgrading the insulation within the building’s exterior walls.

Refurbishment and Construction of schools

Last but not least is the restoration, refurbishment and even new construction of sports facilities. This includes the construction of changing rooms, toilets, bleachers and sports fields. From a soccer field with artificial grass approved for use in sports competitions, with all that it entails, such as lighting, irrigation, etc. to the renovation of an existing track and its sports signage, to the installation of children’s games in schoolyards.

Regarding work in nurseries, schools and colleges, the nature of the work is an important consideration and perhaps even more so is the deadline for the completion of the job. Since work cannot be carried out during normal work hours, holidays – in particular the summer holidays – are used to undertake the work so that it does not cause any disruption to the school year and therefore the students’ learning.

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