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Job renovating and interior and exterior conditioning of commercial premises for future opening of Kid´s Garden nursery school in Cabo de las Huertas, an area which is situated between the beaches of Albufereta and San Juan in Alicante.

A basic description of the renovation and conditioning works is that a ground floor premises, which previously accommodated a restaurant business, was adapted and developed into a new school-nursery business.

The renovation works included the demolition of the existing interior dividing walls and part of the external surround in order to subsequently form new quarters and walls which would suit the new business needs.

These works were developed through use of new interior partitions to form new quarters. These were made with dry partition walls made from self-supporting laminated gypsum board and were dry lined to the walls. All carpentry throughout the premises, both interior and exterior, was also changed and replaced.

Given the business for which the finished premises was intended, namely a nursery-school, special care was taken in completing the interior work, and all respective hygienic-sanitary regulations were complied with, since in the future it will affect the activities of young children.

As planned the interior and exterior appearance was also taken care of, with the premises having been given a youthful and fun look.

During the reform, new services were installed – electricity, water, sewerage and new installations such as air-conditioning and heating, etc.

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