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Construction of Industrial Buildings

INDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTION is where our journey in construction began and has become our area of expertise. With extensive experience – we have more than 50 successful projects in our repertoire – you can be sure our work is seamless every time. We undertake all kinds of jobs from refurbishments, reforms, modifications and complete construction of industrial buildings. We work with all types of industrial buildings from those with metal frames to precast concrete structures.

We work with all industrial buildings, those with traditional factory surrounds, prefabricated panels, glazing, etc., from basic and standard designs to uniquely designed buildings to the latest avant-garde. Equally important is our willingness and authorisation to work with components containing asbestos and fibre cement, making us the most qualified company to complete jobs on old buildings.

Our services

Comprehensive construction service for industrial buildings and refurbishment of buildings, restoration and maintenance of any structure.

Public Works

Building, urbanization and civil, industrial, sports facilities and asbestos.

Private works

Civil works, Community of Owners, home renovations, businesses, hotels, construction of houses.


Specialists in refurbishment of public works and refurbishment of private works.

Industrial work

Specialists in both public and private industrial work.

Are you interested in renovating in your community but need financing?

We can help you get the money you need

100% financing to meet the needs of your community.

Esclapés e Hijos helps manage significant unexpected expenses

Repair a facade or refurbish a building stress-free

Long-term credit conditions available (up to 8 years)

Quality and Precision in our Work

We have extensive experience in reforming all types of premises for any type of business activity: Various Stores, Grocery Shops, Ice-cream Parlours, Spas, Nurseries and Schools, Physiotherapy Clinics, Veterinary Clinics, Medical Offices, Playgrounds, Celebration and Convention Centres, Restaurants, Post Offices and Newsagents, Airports (with jobs in the flying zone and on the ground).

We are a versatile company working in areas of industrial construction, new buildings and refurbishment, public works. We work in specific sectors such as NEW CONSTRUCTION AND REFORM OF HOTELS refurbishing hotels throughout the levante area, especially in and around Benidorm. From refurbishment and renovation of facades to the entire interior, rooms, common and reception areas, kitchens, cafeterias, swimming pools, etc., we can develop and undertake all types of refurbishment projects as well as the construction of new hotels.

Having begun our journey with industrial construction, we built on our experience in this sector, and expanded into NEW BUILDING PROJECTS for both private and public clients. Over time we added to our repertoire the implementation and management of integral projects from the ground up. Housing construction, commercial buildings, public buildings, sports facilities – no type of construction is outside of our scope.

Not content to stop at the construction of new buildings, we aimed to extend and expand our activity within the construction industry so as to provide a comprehensive service from start to finish. In this way THE REFURBISHMENT OF BUILDINGS joined our field of expertise. With the objective of serving the needs of the market, we diversified our company across the different sectors, gaining experience through time. This includes interior refurbishment, facade refurbishment, interior urbanization refurbishment, maintenance and repair.

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