Reform of the changing rooms in the Altozano Public School of Alicante.

Reform of the changing rooms in the Altozano Public School of Alicante.

The work consisted of the reform and refurbishment of the changing rooms of Altozano school for the Alicante City Council.
Our company, being appointed by the public administration to carry out works for the public entity, was commissioned to carry out the renovation and reform of the changing rooms of the Altozano Public School’s sports area.

The renovation work consisted of the demolition of the previous changing rooms, interior carpentry, dismantling of toilets, plumbing, sanitation, electricity and lighting. Included in this job was also management of the demolition waste as well as waste from the work itself.

Once the demolition and dismantling work was finished, work continued on the plumbing and sanitation facilities, for the new toilets and layout of the changing rooms themselves.
Next came general masonry work, vertical wall cladding, false ceilings and pavements. Decorated partition walls and finally toilets and sinks were installed.

The works were carried out according to the planned budget and terms, satisfying the requirements set out in the job contract, creating a renewed and youthful appearance to the old changing rooms.

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