• Rehabilitación Hotel Avenida Benidorm (Esclapes e Hijos SL)
    Rehabilitación Hotel Avenida Benidorm (Esclapes e Hijos SL)


We are in turbulent times but at the same time a new dawn in tourist activity is beginning to shine through. Our company, Esclapés e Hijos, has analysed the trends of different business projects and we have detected that to move on from with these difficult times, it’s time to take the reins and channel our projects to find a solution relevant to the needs of each sector.

Given the evolution of current investments, the tourist industry seems to be the greatest driver of reviving the economy of our country. But of course an engine without petrol is not going anywhere. It is time to shuffle new alternatives, expand our tourist offers and above all, it’s time to invest in our infrastructure to adapt to the current times, by expanding the offers available and convincing the customer to view our offers as the most interesting and attractive.

As a construction company we propose that infrastructure is renovated, in the form of hotels and other facilities in the tourism sector. This is coming from our professional experience and from our satisfied customers, who approached us in search of a solution, in the form of reform, refurbishment or restoration of their hotels to relaunch, revitalise and strengthen its attraction as tourist accommodation.

To understand the times we are in, we must emphasise five trends that change the rules of the hotel sector game in 2016, promulgated and mentioned by the provider of technological solutions for the NAVIS hotel sector and on which operators are focusing at present. We must take into account how technology is affecting the essence of the sector. Hotels need to anticipate market changes and understand how they affect marketing, services and operations. According to NAVIS the five most important trends to try to have under control are:

1.- The debate about whose client is leading
2.- Mobile marketing will revolutionise the current landscape
3.- Changes in market share imply more competition
4.- The costs of winning customers will continue to grow
5.- Understand how travellers are changing and beginning to use their data to put their needs first

From what is written about previous trends in the hotel sector, we have come to the conclusion that the hotel industry is due to have an exceptional year in 2016.

Notwithstanding the rules set forth about the hotel sector, from our point of view the most important thing is the facilities and services available in the hotel itself. Do not overlook the state of the facilities, preservation, monitoring the different trends of supply and demand and offer an interesting product that sells well.

Our company has vast professional experience as a construction company in the remodeling, refurbishment and reform of various hotel facilities. We are more than trained to advise and guide various client groups on getting to work to reach the objective that each one is searching for in their business.