Renew your hotel’s image

When you arrive at a hotel where you are about to spend your few days off, first impressions is often the main thing that influences your stay and enjoyment. In this blog we have started a cycle related to the hotel sector.

Our company wants to offer our experience in this sector, in the form of reform, refurbishment and work in general in order to bring your ideas to life, undoubtedly enhancing the appeal of your hotel.

Aesthetic renovation

As we have said, the image of the hotel is the mirror reflecting its appeal as a place to stay. The options to renew the aesthetics of your building are innumerable. It can be painted, it can be coated with monolayer mortar, it can be coated with ceramic, stone, synthetic, metallic pieces, etc. These are just some of the multiple solutions that can be used.

You can add aesthetic elements such as sun screens to change the appearance of the entire property. You can paint or install decorative elements such as reliefs, mosaics, statues … Choosing to add ornamental value to the facade of your hotel is a sure investment.

Energy efficiency

Another no less important issue is the technician. Since we started to reform the overall exterior aesthetics of buildings, we go above and beyond to improve the efficiency of the buildings. We talk about improving energy efficiency, which means lower energy consumption and savings in electricity bills.

Improving insulation, solving heating problems and air conditioning losses, even avoiding dampness and water seepage from rain are all aspects we consider. Therefore, the detailed study of the impact work can have on the building is important before taking any action.

We are specialists

As a construction company specialising in all these areas, Esclapes e Hijos puts all its resources and knowledge into trying to establish feasibility, budgets and execution of all types of works to carry out the planned project.