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Refurbishment of El Coloso building facade in Torrevieja

Repair and refurbishment of El Coloso building  facade in the town of Torrevieja, situated in the province of Alicante. These works were commissioned by the Community of Owners El Coloso. Esclapes e Hijos, as a company specialising in repair, refurbishment and maintenance work, and with vast experience in the world of construction,  particularly in works for neighbourhood and homeowner communities, was commissioned and hired by this community to carry out these repair and refurbishment works.

The facade of El Coloso building had damage caused by the natural ageing of the materials and direct exposure to atmospheric agents, resulting in deterioration and these parts being left in a poor state of repair. The most visible damage was on the cladding of the facade, especially on the building’s footpath, which in the absence of an adjoining building has been exposed to climatic and atmospheric agents: sun, rain, wind, extreme temperature changes, etc. This extreme exposure has caused the coating to deteriorate, which in turn had allowed water and moisture to seep in, affecting the structure of the building itself.

The damage present in the structure was typical and expected of such exposure. Moisture had reached the framework of the structure, this humidity had caused rust, which in turn had expanded the framework, bursting the structural concrete covering, making a quick intervention essential. The repair work aimed to stop this entire corrosion process, which would undoubtedly result in the collapse of the structure and consequent demolition of the entire building. The repair process consisted of removing any coating in poor condition, manually chopping up the surface until the materials were found to be in good condition. At points where the deterioration had damaged the structural components, the concrete was knocked away until the framework was uncovered, the rust was sanded away, and chemical products were applied to prevent the oxidation and corrosion processes while at the same time creating a bond with the other materials. The structure was finally returned to its original shape with repair mortar, and a surface coating to finish.

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