• rehabilitacion-fachada-alicante

Refurbishment of Building Facade on Maisonave Avenue, Alicante.

This job was carried out for the Community of Owners of this building located on Maisonave Avenue in Alicante city centre. The work was to completely refurbish the facade, which involved repairing damage caused through time and by exposure to environmental agents.

A breakdown of the works is: the hydrophobic cleaning of the brick facade of the exterior walls, repair and replacement of damaged bricks and replacement of the joints or mortar of these exterior walls. Where necessary the supporting beams of all window openings were also inspected and repaired, to which a constructive solution was applied as appropriate for each in order to repair its structure and improve its stability.

The stability of all facade balconies were inspected, and any damage that could affect its stability was repaired.

This job had the added complication of the property having a central location within the city. The refurbishment works involved the use of support means which were most appropriate for the complexity and nature of the work, which in this case entailed the assembly of a European type scaffolding.

In carrying out the repair and refurbishment works, the premises of the Community of Owners had to be taken into account at all times, which in addition to the repair of the damage involved ensuring construction did not alter the appearance of the property once the work had been finished.

It is necessary to emphasise the complexity of carrying out this job in terms of its location and the busy pedestrian traffic. In order to carry out this complex job, we had to take advantage of our great experience in similar works, which led to its successful completion without any unforeseen event that would in any way tarnish our immaculate repair and refurbishment work.

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