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Refurbishment of the COBASA building facade – Alicante.

Facade repair and refurbishment works for the Community of Owners of the COBASA Building on Denia Avenue in the town of ALICANTE in the province of Alicante.

As a company who specialises in working with heights and in the repair of structural elements, we have been entrusted with this job. Given that it is close to our headquarters, we offered a deal tailored to the needs of the job. The works consisted of repairing the damage on the edges of the building, which had begun to crumble, causing rubble to fall away. This posed a danger for the residents of the community and for pedestrians and passersby.

This type of damage is normal for a building of its age, especially given its environmental exposure. Work began by cutting away the cladding. Next the forged edges of the structural concrete which was in poor condition was chipped away until the material was found to be in good condition and the structural reinforcement was exposed.

Then the framework in poor condition was treated to prevent and repair corrosion.

Once the reinforcements had been treated, a bonding primer was applied, and the geometry of the structural elements was restored with special repair concrete.

The metal parts of the facade must also be taken into account, which in this case was the balcony railing. This required that it be removed and replaced by a new one which was better and more secure.

Last but not least, the exterior cladding of the structure and the rest of the facade was restored.

The completion of these works concludes the refurbishment and repair works for this Community of Owners.

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