Take advantage of temporary closures to reform your hotel is advice offered by Esclapés e Hijos S.L. As a construction company specialising in renovation, refurbishment and construction in general, we are at your disposal for studies, budgets and the execution of works in the hotel sector, both in Benidorm and throughout the province of Alicante.

High season in Benidorm

The high season in the hospitality industry has passed. We have had a good year in the tourism sector, both in Benidorm, throughout the province of Alicante and throughout the rest of the country. But now is not the time to sit back and relax; it is time to plan our strategy for how to continue and improve our service in the coming year.


The strategy that never fails in these cases is the renovation and improvement of facilities, either in the form of a comprehensive intervention or a plan to gradually work on certain areas and renovate existing facilities.

Facades, rooms, common areas

The areas which can be developed are innumerable. For its general image, the hotel’s facade is a priority and is binding at the time of the final customer’s choice. Also it is possible to work on the rooms, reforming their decorations and furniture; or in common areas such as the reception, pool, lounges etc. creating new environments and new styles; or even work on services and facilities such as kitchens, air-conditioning, lighting, electricity and other basic services, in order to enhance effectiveness and achieve greater energy efficiency, which will serve to reduce operating costs. These are among the many areas which can be developed.

Take advantage of low season

A very important factor to which we have not yet made reference, is taking advantage of the temporary periods of low season. The time of year when the work is carried out- whether reform, refurbishment or construction – is very important since if chosen poorly, can lead to a loss of customers and wasting precious high season time, in addition to the cost of the renovation and construction works themselves.

Reform and refurbishment specialist company

Our construction company Esclapes e Hijos has often been contracted for such works. We have reformed, refurbished and constructed in the hotel world: hotels, swimming pools, tourist residences, restaurants and shops. This has provided us with essential skills and a keen eye for this type of work, making us the most suitable company to hire for this and similar type of work.