• Reforma_nave_Gross_Mercat_Finestrat_ Esclapes_e_Hijos
    Reforma_nave_Gross_Mercat_Finestrat_ Esclapes_e_Hijos

Reform of Grossmercat Supermarket on Finestrat (Alicante)

These renovation and conditioning works involved expanding the facilities by adapting them to the needs of the units as desired by the company. Our construction company Esclapés e Hijos was hired to carry out the work due to our extensive experience in the construction industry and in the construction of industrial warehouses as well as the renovation and adaptation of industrial buildings and warehouses for commercial activities. The expansion consisted of the union of two industrial buildings creating a unique space in which sales activity could be carried out in a large area. The job also entailed the reform and refurbishment of the structure of these industrial buildings, consolidating and repairing the structural elements, which was necessary due to their age. Once the structure was consolidated, different spaces were created to enable the new supermarket to perform its commercial activity in order to satisfy the needs and requirements of its customers. Following this the flooring, walls and ceilings were finished. The main objective was to pick out two warehouses and transform them into a supermarket equipped with all the necessary amenities and facilities for the performance of its commercial activity.

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