Esclapés e Hijos S.L. is a construction company specialising in the construction, reform and adaptation of industrial buildings, with more than 25 years experience in the field of industrial construction. This post aims to advise anyone interested in undertaking the difficult task of starting a new company from scratch. To alleviate some of the most common doubts in this type of case, without further delay we will outline the steps that are needed to obtain such a goal.

Let us start from the imagined scenario that we are new entrepreneurs and that we are going to create a company for which we need facilities, a location and because of the kind of commercial activity we wish to undertake, we need a basic facility in the form of an industrial building.

What do you need to think about when choosing an industrial warehouse?

First and foremost is the setting and location.
In Spain, and in particular in the province of Alicante, we have numerous parks and industrial estates, the majority of which are more than 30 years old but at the same time are industrial settings perfect for their industrial activity. In turn, in recent years we have also seen the introduction of new industrial areas as a measure to strengthen business networks by promoting the creation of companies and the creation of new jobs.

At this point we have to consider which option is the most suitable for our company. The choice of setting is essential when it comes to business relations, infrastructure, commercial image, etc. and the following question will be asked of us …

Choose an established setting or a new build?

For convenience, an established setting is the best option. It is sometimes a matter of status, of being in a location known to customers and suppliers that are not located in an abyss. In the established parks and industrial estates, we can find a wide variety of classes and types of industrial buildings.

From the most recently built industrial building to the latest technology and construction processes, and at the other end of the spectrum old buildings constructed around the 1970s and 1980s, we have options of plots suitable for constructing a building and designing it according to the needs of our activity.

At this point, we have already decided on the setting and/or having an old or new warehouse or we intend to build a new industrial warehouse tailored to our needs.

What steps do we have to take to start our activity?

At this point you have to look at the administrative issues, authorisations, business licenses and other administrative procedures. No matter what, our activity will always be linked to a license or activity permit. The process for this differs greatly depending on the type of activity, industrial process, chosen units, etc.

The normal and advisable thing is to hire a competent technician who can advise you on the proper procedures, preparation of projects and other documentation and someone who supervises the project until its completion. At this point, it will be necessary to evaluate whether any works are required before implementing the activity. If works are necessary, their size and scope must be determined. It is not possible to compare undertaking the construction of an industrial warehouse from scratch to adapting one built according to our requirements.

If the work only involves painting or small repairs, the permits and procedures are insignificant and a mere procedure. But if the work requires the modification of basic facilities, interior layouts, facades and roofs, or if already taken to its maximum expression of the complete construction of an industrial building with its structure, surround, interior partitions, basic and even special installations for each activity, it will be necessary to get the advice of a technician who can develop the project of works by firstly helping you obtain the relevant works license and finally to complete the activity.

In the next post we will supplement the main text so that we can find the way to our objective.