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Refurbishment of the sports facilities in Jesús Pobre sports centre

The Jesús Pobre sports centre is located on the outskirts of Montgó national park and is ideal for all kinds of sports activities, from its hiking and/or cycling routes to the sports facilities where fronton, tennis, basketball and football can be played.

The refurbishment and repair works were commissioned by the Exma. Diputación de Alicante and the Jesus Pobre city council, who hired our company Esclapes e Hijos due to our extensive experience in similar jobs on sports facilities and our having the appropriate authority to carry out these works.

The works consisted of repairing and adapting the various sports fields within the Jesús Pobre sports centre.

These refurbishment and repair works involved land around the changing rooms, which had been eroded over the years by rainwater amongst other things, and which needed to be stabilised immediately.

Another job that was carried out during these works was repairing the surface of the sports courts, which had cracks and fissures. In addition to bringing the latest technology to the sports fields which helps to improve performance, the application of the new surface has provided the sports complex with an attractive appearance. Together with painting the tracks and other work, the complex has a whole new rejuvenated image.

The final task was to replace the old goals, baskets and other sports equipment and install new equipment for each activity.

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