Upkeep, maintenance and repair of swimming pools

The upkeep, maintenance and repair of swimming pools is a must for all types of hotels, even more so when they are hotels directed at summer activity. We must emphasise our location in a very touristic area, with places such as Benidorm, Torrevieja, and almost all coastal towns in the province of Alicante, being mainly oriented to the sun and beaches. In this area there is a great number of this type of seasonal hotel.

Essential for summer seasons

Having a pool is essential for a hotel that is designed for the summer season. This seasonal nature provides an opportunity for us to carry out works, repairs and maintenance on hotel facilities. We take advantage of low season, that is the winter time, to work while there are no children around as are unavoidable in peak season.

Important for your hotel

As has already been said, swimming pools are very important for hotels, whatever their spectrum of clients and seasonal conditions. This is why their upkeep is something which cannot be overlooked. Our company, Esclapés e Hijos S.L., has extensive experience in the world of construction and one of the fields into which we are currently moving is the renovation of hotels, repair and renovation of facades and all hotel facilities. Among these we highlight swimming pool repair.

Our advice to you

In this blog we are going to give some basic tips that can help you avoid major problems which can lead to large expenses.

Swimming pools require constant observation. It is not just a pond that you fill and it is ready to use. On top of the most basic requirement, that is to control the quality of the water, it is also essential to check flow rates and whether there has been any water loss.

The usual thing in the maintenance of swimming pools is the equipment for purification and treatment of the water, to ensure the water is clean and suitable for use. But in our opinion, there is something more important and something which is usually overlooked, namely THE HYDRAULIC CONDITIONS OF SWIMMING POOLS.

Movement of the ground

Given the dimensions and width of swimming pools, they are vulnerable to movements in the earth, sinking, landslides, etc. Hydraulic pipes which supply and refresh the water, can suffer from these movements and break.

This breakage produces leaks that serve to further increase the movements by changing the humidity of the soil, changing its mechanical characteristics. It’s a catch-22. This problem can lead to the breakage of the rest of the pipes, which further increases problem with the ground and could jeopardise the entire pool, even breaking its internal structure.

Take advantage of your hotel’s low season

For all the reasons mentioned above, our company Esclapes e Hijos S.L. advises you to take advantage of the times in which you do not have guests to review and inspect all facilities to evaluate if any interventions are required.

In our following blogs we will discuss how to avoid this type of breakage and if necessary what repairs are possible.