Reform of Elite Bags Industrial Building in Alicante.

Job reforming, repairing and refurbishing the industrial building for Elite Bags in Alicante.

An industrial building more than 30 years of age

This industrial building is more than 30 years old and its appearance reveals its years. For this reason Elite Bags decided to reform and repair its facilities.

Experience with Industrial Buildings

Esclapés e Hijos, as a construction company with great experience in industrial type construction, competed for the contract for this job, and ultimately was awarded the commission of these works.

As mentioned, the works are to improve and update the facilities of the Elite Bags company.

Removal of dangerous fibre cement with security and accreditation

It should be noted that the industrial building had a fibre cement roof. For safety reasons, it was essential to remove it all together due to its potential carcinogenic property.

Esclapés e Hijos is accredited for removing this dangerous material in accordance with safety and management regulations, and can carry out a comprehensive management of the removal, transport and storage of this harmful product.

Once the roof had been removed, it was replaced with a sandwich-type roof, which in layman terms is a double-laminated sheet roof with insulated sandwich inside.

The rest of the job consisted of coating upholstery as well as other small repairs.

Leading construction company in Alicante

Esclapés e Hijos S.L. is a leading construction company in the Province of Alicante, with vast experience in various sectors of construction such as industrial, public and private works, for Communities of Owners and individual clients, in civil works and infrastructure, in building, refurbishment and housing and business reform for commercial and business activities. We have successfully carried out jobs entrusted to us for more than 20 years.

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