There are many types of building facades, and no matter what material has been used, the type or the aesthetics, the fact is they deteriorate over time, due to exposure to pollution, vehicle smoke, the weather.

Construction solution

Among the various factors which impact the preservation of facades is an unsuitable choice of construction design for the building and its poor location.

These are factors that make the facades of houses lose their good state of preservation over time; we must not forget that the facade is the first image you have of a building, and of course it’s first impressions that count.

The importance of a facade being in a good state

Let it be said that the state of preservation of the facade not only affects the aesthetics of the building, but can lead to more serious problems and faults, ranging from a slight loss of energy effectiveness, to leaks, losing heating, damp and condensation, all of which accumulate to negatively affect the living conditions of the building.

Safety first

The most important thing is that this can affect the security of the building, people who live in it and even people who pass by it on the street. This is because the stability and safety of the facade itself is compromised and the building is vulnerable to collapse or may cause accidents with unpredictable consequences.

What should be done with the facade?

What should be done? The answer is simple, maintain the facade through renovation, repair and refurbishment if necessary. Don’t forget that the owners are responsible for the maintenance of all elements of their houses.

Designing a maintenance plan and following through with it are essential to preserving facades and ensuring no major problems occur.

From our experience as a company specialising in the maintenance and refurbishment of facades, we want to give you a series of tips to avoid major problems.

Clean the walls

Schedule a good clean from time to time to help preserve the state of the materials and if necessary plan an intervention in the form of refurbishment of parts of the deeper facade.

For cleaning it is advisable to use appropriate tools. The use of water at low pressure is the most advisable so as not to erode the walls. If something cannot be cleaned using just water, then use a fine paint brush to clean it.

Before cleaning metallic elements, an inspection should be carried out to assess its state, how it is fixed to the rest of the facade and even consider renewing its cladding to improve its state over time.

And before the appearance of any cracking, fissures, holes or any type of indentation, repair mortar can be used as an initial measure to patch it up until the extent of the damage is established.

It is advisable to paint the facade periodically and treat the metallic elements to improve their longevity.

However, it must be remembered that even with taking care and meticulously carrying out maintenance work on facades, construction systems, materials and finishes all have a lifespan that will eventually require more serious and intrusive refurbishment work on the facade.

A company specialising in facades

Our advice has been to help make your job as quick and easy as possible. We hope it helps you and in the event you may require our services, our company Esclapés e Hijos offers it without qualms.